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X Conference 2022 - Mar 13-14, 2022


Virtual Conference on ZOOM!

Paranormal - Cryptids - UFOs - Hauntings - Experiencers - Consciousness & Contact 

Live Paranormal Investigation with Riverside Iowa Paranormal on Friday night!

Sedona Ascension  Retreat - Mar 18-21, 2022


Live at the Unity of Sedona

100 Northview Road, Sedona AZ

This transformative retreat may increase your love-light frequency! You will engage in powerful practices to illuminate your rainbow body of light for spiritual ascension into a higher dimensional experience of life right here and now!

UFO Con 2022 - March 25 - 27, 2022


South San Francisco, CA - Hotel near SFO

Come check out:

2.5 days / 15 speakers

Special Guests

Experiencer Groups

Mt. Shasta Summer Conf. - July 7 - 10, 2022


“Look To Venus- Morning Star Revelations ”

This year’s conference is Rob Potter's continuing effort attempt to honor our unseen friends from the higher realms who are serving us here on earth. As many would agree, we are going through some very powerful increases in the light frequencies that are hitting the earth. 

2022 MUFON Symposium - July 7-10, 2022


UFO's in the Spotlight!

 Mainstream journalists are now reporting on more and more possible sightings!  The US Government has released video of their encounters!  Disclosure at last? But can we believe them?

Come to the 2022 International MUFON Symposium to find out more!