Join us at our next scheduled South Bay MUFON meeting on May 17th at 1 pm at the Community of Infinite Spirit, located at 1540 Hicks Avenue in San Jose!

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Our Next San Jose Guest Speaker will be..

Jim Ledwith

jim ledwith

Jim Ledwith, a recognized Ufologist, has lectured nationally and internationally about the genre, and has researched and lectured on the topic for over 46 years. In addition to lecturing in California, Jim has attended the UFO Congress and other globally recognized conferences for a dozen years. For the past five years, the Sonoma International Film Festival featured a half-day UFO Symposium, organized and moderated by UFOJim, and featuring internationally known experts. Ledwith is the only Ufologist curating and showing feature films and documentaries for an annual International Film Festival.
Hollywood and UFOs:
The topic, “Hollywood and UFOs” is a big one – as feature films through documentaries have been made for over a century. The first film in this genre was released in 1902, “A Trip to the Moon.” Through 2014, over 450 films were made on the subject. More money has been made on the UFO genre than any other in Hollywood. Are the films based on reality or are they simple fantasy? Something very real is going on – just ask Steven Spielberg. “I really found my faith when I heard that the government was opposed to (the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind). If NASA took the time to write me a 20-page letter, then I knew there must be something.” Guests will experience what Spielberg and other directors discovered in their film making experience at this fascinating session. Jim will highlight 5-6 films (with clips), discuss the ramifications and will answer the question whether these films are based on reality or are they simple fantasy, with proof from Steven Spielberg and NASA. Jim will be handing out the “UFOsRreal” button to all attendees.

ufo button

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Meeting Donation: $5 per person. Please bring a guest!

There will be a discussion on several of the latest investigation cases reported in Northern California, The United States and from around the World, plus a review of ongoing MUFON projects, conference announcements, recent media coverage on the UFO phenomena.

Directions to the South Bay meeting location:
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125
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Take the 280-freeway north/south, take Meridian exit(south)and take a left on Minnesota and a right on Hicks.
For more information about the meetings, please contact Ruben at: 510-489-3686 or email him.

If you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area and cannot come to the San Jose meeting, we have two other convenient locations within Northern California, the Sacramento Chapter and the Marin/Sonoma Chapter.


Due to a new sponsor that has graciously made a large donation, we have lowered the ticket price to $25.00 per person!

Check out the first H.E.R.E. event on June 20, 2015!


The first H.E.R.E. (Human, Extraterrestrial, Resource, Exchange) event will be held at the Delta King in Old Town Sacramento, Saturday, June 20th, 2015 from 10:30am - 5:30pm.
Tickets for the event will be $25.00 per person.

To purchase your tickets, please click on this link:

The speakers are Dev Rugne Nor Cal MUFON's Chief Investigator and Asst. State Director; Laurie McDonald a 3 time Sacramento Best of Hypnotherapist award winner; Tina Mizany prior NASA primary contractor MIS Director, currently global events researcher, and an Economic speaker - TBD.

For those of you who are planning on staying the night on the Delta King, you will find its eclectic atmosphere charming and reasonably priced.
Click on this link for the Delta King.


coyame book

Check out Ruben Uriarte and Noe Torres' latest books! You can look for more great books by them at their website:

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People who have experiences that may include: extraordinary states of consciousness, fortean, spiritual, or parapsychological phenomenon, close encounters with non-human entities, and/or UFO activity and are looking for a network of people dedicated to a better understanding of the overall nature of unusual/anomalous personal experiences, can contact the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support. For more information, contact: OPUS


Have you ever wanted to investigate UFO sightings here in Northern California but weren’t sure how to go about it? Well come join our team of investigators and start finding out what’s happening in our part of the state! California usually has the largest amount of sightings that get reported to MUFON in the nation and we can always use more dedicated people to help us find out additional information on those cases. For more information, contact the Chief Investigator, Devlin Rugne.

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